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Restoration & Shinsa

    Your One Stop Shop for all Shinsa and Restoration Services in Japan.

*Shinsa with the Establishment of your choice

*Restoration by today's top Japaneses craftsmen

*Commission a genuine Japanese sword by a licensed Japanese Swordsmith.

The Japanese sword is your premier gateway to the Japanese sword world. I am a native English speaker, based in Tokyo, and I have a vast number of fully traditionally trained swordsmiths, polishers, scabbard makers, handle wrappers, fittings makers, lacquerers and habaki makers at my service. I also provide a top shinsa service. I am able to submit your swords, koshirae, fittings and armor to the major shinsa organisations based in Tokyo. We do our best to get you a result while your treasures are here with us in Japan.Together with our many knowledgable friends and craftsmen here in Japan, if you don’t get the result that you hoped for, we can offer sound advice with further options before sending your artworks back to you, and we will resubmit for a second shinsa for free (shinsa fees still apply).

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Sword Commissions

Swordsmiths in Japan are regulated by the government. Smiths have to be licensed and are restricted to making two long swords or three shorts swords per month. Every aspect of sword making by all the craftsmen involved is by hand. Due to the various craftsmen involved in the completion of one blade, there are various waiting lists. On average, it takes approximately one year from your initial payment to complete your order. Longer if you have also ordered mountings.

You can either choose a swordsmith from our database, or ask us to suggest a smith that meets your needs or budget. After a brief discussion to confirm that your order meets your specifications, using our specialist translation services (sword terminology is complicated and most swordsmiths do not speak English), we will then place your order for you.

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Our Friends


Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai (NBSK)

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The Society for the Preservation of
Japanese Art Swords (NBTHK)

NTHK Yoshikawa Group

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The All Japan Swordsmiths Association

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The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor

Turkish Airlines Featurette.

Delightful Stories.

Paul Martin's Endless Journey.

Recently Paul was asked to participate in one of a series of programmes for Turkish Airlines in-flight entertainment, documenting how some people that have a dream persevere in the pursuit of that dream. The video to the right gives the viewer a small insight into the dedication Paul Martin has put into his quest to fulfill his dream and communicate the passion he has for his art, but it would take a full length film to demonstrate the sacrifices and hardships endured to reach his goal. The months working and training with some of the best Swordsmiths Japan has to offer. His journey from London to Japan and Berkley University in America and back to live in Japan. Paul Has spent the best part of his life so far to the preservation and promotion of The Japanese Sword.

the Japanese Sword


The Japanese Sword is your premier gateway to The Japanese sword world. A native English speaker, based in Tokyo, I work with a vast number of swordsmiths, polishers, scabbard makers, handle wrappers, fittings makers, habaki makers, sword dealers, etc. You name it, I have a contact for it here in Japan. We can commission swords on your behalf, or introduce and mediate with Japanese sword dealers. We also take your treasured swords and have them appraised at one of the three major appraisal organisations in Japan. We can also have them restored to their former glory, and order full sets of mountings, or plain wooden sleeping scabbards for you. All done by fully apprenticed traditional Japanese sword craftsmen. We also try our best to work with your budget, and give sound advice on what's best for your sword. We make your dreams come true. (Don't forget to click on HD!)

Model 5

Nihon no Bi: Nihonto (The Japanese Sword)

On Sale NOW !!!

The forthcoming book from Gakken publishing. A rare combination of sword eye candy and lots of information. The book includes many National Treasure and Juyo-Bunkazai swords all reproduced in the full size.

There is a also a selection of top fittings and koshirae, with many magnified shots that really let you see the fine craftsmanship. Best of all, it is mostly translated into English (by Paul Martin of The Japanese Sword )

Price 6,372 JPY available to order from all major book outlets  ISBN 978-4-05-406294-8 including Amazon Japan,

Model 6

Historic samurai sword returned to owner.

Sword Repatriation.

The gift of Honour Restored by returning a Japanese Sword to its rightful owners is an act of unmeasurable charity. If you have a Japanese sword that you would like to send back to it’s original owner, or descendants, please contact us for assistance to help you determine if the blade is eligible to return back to Japan, and if so, assist in locating the family. See previous articles here.